Friday, November 21, 2008

~Knitting the Abby~

My budget has been a bit tight as of late (well, I always find the $$$ for yarn, but since my episode with paypal I've not purchased online) I was going through my huge stash to find something to start some Christmas knitting and found this I'm not exactly sure what this, but I thought it might make a sweet Abby So far so good, it's little heavier than what the original was knit with, but alas, our winters are sooooo cold. I'm thinking of taking my last ball of this and make some fingerless mitts to go along with~ Ahhh, I love Christmas knitting, especially when I've got abit of a head start *yeah, I consider starting now a head start* lolololo~~~

It's snowing here today, Tess(the shih tzu)was totally excited this morning, like a little deer she was bouncing all over the yard...tehehe. Feels like Christmas to me!