Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Obama 4 President~

Wow...can you imagine...sitting & watching the tele yesterday I had to keep pinching myself...this is history in the making folks! Honestly, Obama is having alot left in his lap to clean up, but my guess is that he is just the man for the job! How inspiring for the world watching, to know that you CAN DO anything you set your mind to. I breathed a sigh of relief when everything took place without a hitch, for some reason I was alittle concerned about what could/has happened to the President's of the past, but even the media discussed how well behaved the 2+ million people were & that when he spoke, the world was under his spell...What's not to like...with a smile like that...MAN, I really think he's going to change the world!

Sooo back to knitting...hmmmm, I finished afew of my projects like my girls Plait Cable Mittens...but I feel off the wagon, I bought more wool & started acouple of new projects...whatever~ At least I didn't fall off the non-smoking wagon & that folks deserves rewarding, so that is what I've done. After my knit2gether with Celtic Cast On and Lilibeth's Garden I stopped into our local LYS Cricket Cove for some retail therapy & walked out with 3 skeins of Cascade 220 Superwash and a hank of Manos del Uruguay Pure Wool (can you say yum) Now is the time for some serious knitting! Oh yeah...and I forgot about the Lu kit too~ My bad?....Nah, it's a time for new beginnings :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

~Winter Blues~

Hmm...I think I'm in a bit of a funk. My needles sit prettily from across the room with my current project itching to get finished, but alas, I can't pick them up. I'm sticking to getting my old projects finished before casting on new, and it's leaving me feeling...well completely uninspired :S
I'm not sure if it's the weather, lack of nicotine or maybe a combo of both? HELP!
I've gotten loads of comments on the sweater that I just completed, even at the orthodontist office today one of the assistants asked if I took the rate I'm going I don't think it would be a good thing to go there! I think honestly that my ambition went out the window when I began to unravel my Jane Sweater from Perl Grey~ I loved this sweater, actually sent an email to the creators & asked if they would send it to our local LYS Cricket Cove Here it is...95%completed and this is where I stopped working on the sweater, trembling in fear of putting it together with little instruction, afraid of the failure :S I did attempt to put it together, it was wayyy to small & the joins at the shoulders were pathetic~So i've been unraveling my Jane for several days now...not coming apart easily...not going together easily..UGH.

I took a walk with my daughter to the Irving Nature Park, I was thinking it might help to boost my mood and blow the cobwebs from my mind, but alas everything here is so grey at the moment...I need some inspiration BIGTIME.

I've just booked a flight to Calgary for my daughter's March Break, we will be visiting with some relatives that we've not seen in a very long time, maybe get alittle skiing in while we are there....I hope they have some great little yarn shops! We are pretty excited about our trip, we've not been there sure looks pretty

Saturday, January 3, 2009

~New Beginnings~

Happy New Year Everyone! So how was it...did you attend any parties to watch the ball drop? We attended a 1st time local gathering, most all of our neighbors went as well and everyone had a great time. We managed to get home around 1am...not too bad~We are old foggies I had one drink but called it quits after that, the smell of cig smoke wafting from the door leading outside was too strong for me to put myself in that kind of a situation...drunk & craving that is!

So i've decided that my resolution is to do with my yarn stash & unfinished projects...since I've already kicked the habit..HOORAY FOR ME! 20 days folks :) I finally completed the sweater that I wanted so badly from a Katia book. It had been nearly completed but I kept putting of finishing as I knew that putting it together was going to be a disappointment...well, I bit the bullet & finished it anyways, it is alittle messy looking in places where the seams didn't quite match up perfectly (no I didn't block first) but you know...I love this sweater, I love the weight of it and the was a joy to work with the yarn. One down, how many to go :S Ah well, you gotta start somewhere.

Another first for me was getting my hair chopped. People laugh & say "OMG, your hair is very long"... but I had 8inches taken off...and I have a HUGE phobia of hairdressers (too many bad cuts) I so envy these girls walking around with pixie cuts, they are soooooo fuss, no muss...but I just couldn't pull it off without looking like I'm in the market for a female companion...Nope nothing wrong with being gay...I'm just not~ Here's the new do...and I gotta say that I really dig it...out of my eyes so that I can see better to knit!

Anywho, it's our neighbors birthday, so we are off to wish him a Happy Birthday, then home to knit & watch Dexter my new favorite show of all time. It's been awhile since I've watched anything this witty! Ciao for Now~