Saturday, September 27, 2008

~Battening Down The Hatches~

So here's a picture of the Apple Harvest sock that I've been knitting on. It's kind of hard to see the pattern that runs up the back, but kinda cool...don't think i've seen a sock with the pattern running this way...hopefully my Mum will love them.

The weatherman is calling for some nasty weather out there. What was hurricane Kyle is now a possible category 1 or less? One thing is for sure, we 'Maritimers ' are usually quite prepared..phew! We have a 24' pontoon boat and it is presently sitting in my backyard with the biggest tarp I've ever seen wrapped around chance of it blowing away I don't think...tehehe. I am hoping that we get afew more decent days of weather so that I can get at least one more run on the river...Ahhhh, I love fall and digging out that heavy wool...but I so hate to see summer go. I'm fine once it's gone....just it's leaving that makes me sad :(

I'm off to work tomorrow, was hoping to get to sit inside and watch the weather go by but alas I'm needed. I have the greatest job..working with Veterans<3 So spending the day with them will be pretty darn good too (just not quite as good as home in my pj's with my yarn and my lazy boy) but close, real

Hope everyone weathers the storm well....stay dry out there!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

~Making New Friends~

So the mailman arrived this past week with a package, I think he hates me pretty much with all the stuff that I order online..tehehe~ I can't help myself and from what I gather I'm not alone. To find yarn that you've not seen before & the desire to want to try it...well let's just say that my willpower isn't that great.

Ravelry is the culprit, my enabler this's better than Ebay for sure since it's Alllll about knitting and such. Jessi from Germany, another yarnaholic, was getting rid of some of her stash "Tausendschon Lace" 1760 yards! Since I've never even seen or heard of this before I promptly sent her a message asking how much. Less than a week later here it is in all it's glory, beautiful shades of green (YUM). As I just purchased Victorian Lace today I'm sure that I can find something to do with it, now to figure out how to read those crazy lace patterns (Mum HELP).
Enclosed in the package was a sample package of Soak (one that I haven't tried) and a treat named "Haribo Roulette"...Thank You Jessi<3 size="2">
So, since adding Jessi to my friends list we've been talking back and forth. I love meeting other people that share the same passion as I do. Laying in bed last nite perusing the lace book and trying to decide what to knit, I got to thinking about Jessi and how she had said that she's never been to Canada. I got to thinking wouldn't it be fun to send her something from 'my neck of the woods'. When I told her of my idea she asked "what does this mean, from your neck of the woods"...tehehe...Ah, the Atlantic coast and all our weird sayings and lingo. Hmmm, i'll come up with something...I was thinking maybe some dulse & a skein of something from home...but what...any ideas?

The daughter is standing over my shoulder, she's patiently waiting for me to finish this up so that we can get to the mall & get a pair of uggs ($$$UGH$$$) Ciao for now~

Monday, September 15, 2008

~So here I go~

So, I have the day off today, home alone, daughter off to school and DH at work....hmmm, what to do? After grinding my beans and set the coffeemaker up, I settle in front of the computer to see what's happening new on Ravelry (a knitters paradise) here's where it all started!

Hours later I am still sitting here in front of the computer setting up a blogger account...coffeepot empty & I'm totally confused! I am still wearing my nightgown(a flannel number from LLBean that my parents bought for X'mas last year, yeah it's my DH's fav (NOT) but it is that chilly) and my rubber boots (I had to take Tess to the back yard mid set-up and haven't taken the time to remove them) Hopefully I'll get the hang of all this eventually. Honestly I've spent some hours perusing the blogger pages of afew people ( all knitting related of course) and I didn't think it would be so overwhelming..tehehehe*need more coffee?

Yes, I cannot speak badly of DH for not reading the instructions as much as I would like at times, as it seems that I have the same problem with not reading or preparing how to do certain things before I dive in head first...Ah, so spontaneous!

So knitting...I'm working on a pair of Casbah socks at the Mother is going to FLIP over this colorway (Paris) that is if I can bear to part with them after I'm No...I love my Mum and these have her name written all over them. The pattern I got from Nothern Sunshine Designs called Apple Harvest...suiting for this time of year!

I think i've had my fill for the computer for the day. Back to something I'm good at for the moment...Later Gator~